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Sound Solutions

SEi is your solution for Building System Integration.

Commercial, light industrial and residential environments can all benefit from integration of the building's various sub-systems (lighting, security, HVAC, etc).  An integrated system provides simplified operation, the opportunity to save frequently used settings, and can streamline the checklist associated with exiting a building.  You and your occupants get better usage of your building's systems with an investment that can pay for itself.  Integrated systems can help reduce energy expenses through scheduled operation, and system monitoring.

An integrated system can automate all controllable systems and products including, but not limited to, lighting, electricity, HVAC, water systems, security systems, drapery/shades, movable walls, door locks, audio/video and more.

SEi can design a system for your building providing controls both for building management and occupants.  Our control systems provide access and selection of the numerous sub-systems from one easy-to-operate panel.  All information is displayed in plain English (or other languages) enabling locations, systems and functions to be identified by name.

SEi provides the most flexible control systems available.  We are the complete solution for building integration and control.  The combination of our easy-to-use control products, 19-year history in system design and integration, and installation services make SEi a resource second to none.

The difference between SEi's products and others is that we deliver more flexibility in your system design and control options today, and our modular architecture can be easily configured for tomorrows unforeseen needs.  Our support of LONWorks®, RS-232, RS-485, and other standards provide you maximum latitude when designing your system.

The most flexible control systems available.

Integrate all of your building's systems electricity, lighting, HVAC, water, security systems, drapes/shades, movable walls, door locks, audio/video, etc...

Simplify operation.
Increase occupant satisfaction.
Reduce energy consumption.

No Computer Required To Run The Building

SEi control systems include easy-to-use panels with plain language menus capable of controlling all the building's sub-systems.

Building managers and occupants can have local controls that are easy-to-use and full function.

19 Years Of Front Line Experience

SEi are integration experts.

SEi has designed, installed and serviced residential and comercial systems since 1997.

SEi can design and install your system

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.  LonWorks® is a trademark of Echelon Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries.

SEi offers an entire line to fully integrate all home and building systems Including...

User Interface Controls

Graphic Controls
Button Panels

Audio Video Control

Integrated Media Control System

Lighting/Dimming Control

Multichannel Networked Lighting/Dimming Controller.
Lighting Controller Manual Override Control
Switch/Sensor Input Acquisition.
Multichannel Relay boards.

Security Control

HVAC Control

Discrete Input/Output Controls

Relay Controls.
Discrete Input/Output Controls



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