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Finally, A Residential DSM System That Is Easy For Your Customers To Operate And Easy For You To Install.

Finally there is a product available that not only meets today's energy management needs, but also provides an upgrade path for future services.  SEi's Information Station™ does just that, helping utilities stay competitive in the new deregulated world.  Our products are designed to provide our customers with features and services that will result in customer retention, new customer enrollment and additional revenues.

SEi creates quality products that meet the specific needs of our customers, without the long lead times and limited designs typical of larger companies.  No company has more experience combining all home subsystems into one simple-to-operate system.  This is SEi's core business and we are committed to giving our customers our personalized and individual attention.

The Information Station™.

SEi's Information Station™ is a communicating thermostat that is the utility's control center in the home.  Utilities can now offer a full complement of energy management, information delivery and other revenue producing services including.

Energy Management.

Multiple time frames, rate tiers.
Time of use pricing, billing.
Load reduction via scheduling.
Critical condition load shedding.
Controls HVAC systems, water heaters, pool pumps, lighting  and more.
Integrates with meters and AMR systems.

2-Way Utility-To-Customer Communication.

Customer communication, utility messaging, service requests and bill due reminders (utility and other).

Email and Information Services.

We offer utilities a unique opportunity to provide Internet e-mail services to people who may not use computers, yet would sign up for simple-to-use, passive e-mail delivery.  For customers who want full e-mail capabilities, the utility can offer standard Internet access with the additional feature of Information Station's™ message present indication.  Customer-selected information delivery services will result in long-term revenues for the utility.

Home Control.

The upgrade paths offered by SEi for appliance control and home automation means future business opportunities for our customers.

Customer Conveniences = Utility Revenue.

The key to success of any utility product lies in it's ability to benefit end users as well as the utility, therefore we have paid special attention to both.  The Information Station™ is an easy-to-operate control panel that blends into the decor of the home.  Text and graphics are easy to view on the backlit LCD display and soft buttons and menus make operation a breeze.  Features include but are not limited to:

Energy And $ Savings.

Homeowners can adjust their energy usage to match their preferences.
Time-Of-Use pricing saves energy and money.
Display of consumption from the meter or via the utility host application.
Predetermined response and customer override to critical tier condition.
Customers can view present, weekly, monthly or yearly consumption graphs.

Billing And Payment.

Displays month-to-date billing information, end-of-month projections.
Displays rate tiers and pricing.
Payment of energy and other bills online via credit or debit cards.

Climate Control.

Comfort settings selectable by time, energy cost and/or occupancy.
Heat, Cool and setback settings.
Weekday and weekend schedules.
Four programmable periods per day.
Away and vacation modes.

Family Medical And Safety.

Emergency police, medical and fire summons.
Assistance summoned if elderly or persons needing medical help do/don't acknowledge their presence.
Parents can receive e-mail or faxes when the kids return/leave home.


Integrates with several major brand alarm systems.
Arm, Disarm and monitor alarm system status via the easy-to-read LCD display.
Monitoring via monitoring station and the utility.
Optional door keypads are available.

  Home Control.

Home automation upgrade.
Controls major and small appliances.
Lights, drapes, gates, audio/video systems and more can be controlled.
Button wallplates available.


Simple to use, passive reception of internet e-mail messages.
LED and beep feedback indication.
Scrolls through messages.
Several responses can be sent.
Receive messages from friends, family, college students, the office -- eithout buying or using a computer.
Computer users will benefit from the message present indication; logging-on to check for e-mail is unnecessary.

The Information Station™ was developed with expansion in mind.  The gateway function and multiple network capability results in the ability to interface with more appliances and systems than any other product.  SEi offers a number of complementary components including graphic panels, button panels, touchpanels, security co-processors, multi-zone audio systems, HVAC controllers and others.

Information Station Hardware And Software Features.


Wallplate version mounts in standard 3-gang electrical box.
Surface mount and portable tabletop box versions.
Multiple units can be installed in the same house.

Display, Graphics and Buttons.

Easy to see backlit display, large text and graphics.
Supports multiple fonts , icons and languages.
Large buttons make it easy for anyone to operate.
LED's indicate alarm status and messaging.
Programmable beeper provides audio annunciation.

Powering and Memory.

Non-Volatile and flash memory retains settings during outages.
12-24 Volts, AC or DC, can be powered by HVAC systems.
Optional backup battery can provide outage notification.


Fully configurable features, menus and operation variables.
Each utility can choose exactly what to offer their customers.
Software updates and revisions on-site or via the network.
Integrated diagnostics enable installation and maintenance.

In-Home Gateway And Interfaces.

In-House gateway, three in-home networks simultaneously.
Commands received on any network are repeated on all others.
Echelon LonWorks®, CEBus X10, RF, EIA-232, EIA-485, SEiNet.

Utility-To-Home Networks And WANs

Utility-to-home WAN infrastructure supported via com modules.
LonWorks® and CEBus power line carrier, POTS telephone line.
RF page/callback, 2-way radio, satellite, hybrid fiber coax.
Can read many communicating meters directly.

WinDSM Software

WinDSM is a demonstration program that provides proof-of-concept presentation of the Information Station's™ capabilities and features.  Includes display of cumulative and real-time consumption with history.  Demonstration of critical mode with load shedding, e-mail delivery, utility messaging and help summons notification.  Compatible with Win95/98/NT operating systems.

SEi DSM Benefits.

Over twenty years of system design and installation experience.
Able to provide custom features, components or versions with very low development time.
Homeowners have relied on SEi products to fully control their homes since 1993.
Installation, training, sales and marketing support.
Exclusive geographical contracts available.



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