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Integrates Media Control System (IMCS) by SEi.

Modular, Expandable Package.

IMCS rack can be configured for up to 10 independent zones (areas or rooms), or up to 19 sub-zones.  Racks can be linked together providing virtually unlimited zones or inputs.

Eight Shared Zones.

Each zone can monitor 8 shared sources; any combination of AM/FM tuners CD players/changers, tape decks, video systems, etc.

Two Local Inputs.

One or two local inputs can be substituted for the shared sources in each zone.  Examples of the uses would be a TV or video system, a local CD player or surround sound system dedicated to any room.

Paging Feature

Allows paging to any or all zones via a microphone or telephone system (with additional hardware).  "Assured paging" provides preset volume level regardless of room settings, of source, on/off, volume, etc.

Flexible Input/Output.

Accommodates both consumer and professional equipment, balanced or unbalanced, with a wide range of operating levels.  Calibrated input and output levels with a wide range of -20db to +10db.  The outputs will drive virtually all amplifiers, consumer and pro, and long lines for remote amp locations.

Digital Attenuation Circuitry.

Offers superior sonic performance, with over 90db of range volume control in 1/2db steps.  Any desired level can be achieved, with no audible steps.

Zone Expansion Cards.

Each zone expansion card provides 2 additional outputs or "sub-zones" fed from zone card(s), each with individual volume, mute and tone controls and paging.  One or more zone expansion cards can be added to any zone card.

Control Options.

The unit can be controlled via LonWorks® Technology, by the System Controller, wall-mounted LCD room controllers (LRC), button panels (BRC) and wireless remote controls.  An optional front panel with buttons and a graphics display allows manual control, setup and feedback for each of the zones without a computer.  An RS-232 port allows control from virtually any other control or automation system.

Configuration Interface.

Allows the user or installer to set up the system using a computer.  This will allow setting of all configuration variables including, but not limited to: input levels for each source (both shared and individual), page mode setup, paging levels, output level and equalization settings for each zone output.

Control Output Card.

Eight IR emitter outputs and 16 relays control source equipment including transport control, tuning, disc selection, power on/off, etc.

Specifications (Preliminary)


Accepts CPU card, import card and up to 10 zone or zone-expander cards (or other optional cards).
19" (w) x 5.75" (h) x 16.5" (d) (3 rack nits).
Power Requirements
110 VAC, 60Hz, 100W max.


Frequency Response
Accepts CPU card, import card and up to 10 zone or zone-expander cards (or other optional cards).
Hum and Noise
19" (w) x 5.75" (h) x 16.5" (d) (3 rack nits).
110 VAC, 60Hz, 100W max.
Source Inputs
Electronically Balanced, 47k ohms, +20db max.
Zone Outputs
Electronically Balanced or Unbalanced, 75 ohms, +20db max.
Aux, Link Inputs/Outputs
Unbalanced, -10db, 47k ohm inputs, 75 ohm outputs.
Zone Equalization
63, 160, 400, 1k, 2.5k, 6.3k, 16k (+-12db 1db steps) (+-6db 0.5db steps).

Control Interfaces.

Twisted pair, PLT.
19" (w) x 5.75" (h) x 16.5" (d) (3 rack nits).
Interfaces he IMCS to the SEi System Controller.

Design and specifications subject to change without notice.  LonWorks® is a trademark of Echelon Corporation, registered in the United States and other countries.


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